Thursday, 13 May 2010


In the article, “BP’s first attempt to divert Gulf oil leak fails” by Harry R. Weber, explains how BP’s plan to cover the leaking pipe up and collect the oil that is left in the reservoir failed since the oil has crystallized. Also, in this article the author talks about the range of the leak expanding when piece of oil that looked to be bark turned up on the shore of Dauphin Island a few miles away from the coast of Alabama. This leak has gone from a bad accident to a horrible catastrophe that has taken over the Gulf of Mexico and is heading for the Atlantic ocean, if the oil hits the Atlantic ocean the oil could find a current and travel anywhere in the world. Clearly, the spill in the Gulf of Mexico in a huge problem and I can’t wait for BP to find a solution that works so no more wildlife will be killed.


In the article, “Ash delays and reroutes trans-Atlantic flights” by SLOBODAN LEKIC, talks about the Iceland volcanoes recent activity and how it will affect the trans-Atlantic flights. The volcano continued to distribute more ash into the air Saturday May 8, 2010 causing a 120 mile long cloud of ash once again delaying or extending the flights to and from Europe, the airplane companies either decided to cancel flights or fly around the cloud to the south or north. Just as the first time the volcano erupted in April the ash is heading east to cover Europe in more ash causing some airports to be warranted closed. The civil aviation in Europe has decided to make flight into the ash to get as much information possible increasing what we do in response. Clearly, this one volcano in Iceland is causing a lot of problems in the Atlantic for many people.


In the article, “2txt? Or Nt2txt” by Garrison Keillor, is about how guys are more shut down like that creepy security guard that talks to no one unlike girls who are open to dialogue. First, he simply explains how bad the shut down is in the eyes of many. Next, he puts all of the blame on technologies like cell phones and email because a person can hide behind those forms of communication like the example he used of a guys breaking up with his girlfriend. Also, he said that using these forms is simply breaking down the English language and causing us to be lazy and text instead of walking across the library for a face to face discussion. However, I think guys can be shut down to but it isn’t because of the available technologies it is because of the fact that most guys struggle to start conversations or find common interests to talk about. The thought for me is anymore when ever someone finds something wrong like the males ability to have face to face conversations the automatic reaction is which piece of technology is to blame for this “problem” instead of how can it be fixed. Clearly, males do have a little trouble with face to face conversation but is it really because of technology of is it because of little things like how males are taught to grow up or how comfortable the situation is for them.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


In the article, “Our boys are falling behind in education” by Dottie Lamm, states that boys are falling behind girls academically because of a verbal differences. First, they explained how the girl’s brain is able to become verbally faster by 1½ years as the average boys take 5 years and the average girls take 3½. Though these are the average years, a school in Aurora separated kindergarteners into gender classes and the boys were just as successful as the girls, my feeling is that the verbal difference is not the problem but instead things like the level of care. It seems, also being in a gender class myself, that ever since being separated from girls during English has boosted my care and changed what my attention is on, like school. Then, they say that the world will have a role switch and the women will be in charge based on what is happening in education; however I don’t feel this is true since guys struggle in school because we can’t focus on things we can relate to and once out of education guys can find a career that suits their cares. Obviously, the struggle that guys are said to have can be fixed and just because guys may struggle in school that doesn’t mean that they will fail in life outside of school too.

Monday, 26 April 2010


In the article, “3-D video gaming aspires to become spectacle” by DERRIK J. LANG, the author talks about 3-D graphics being integrated into everything electronic form just watching television or playing video games. First, video gaming in 3-D talking mainly about the costs involved in video games because of the software and technology required. Next, they talked about how much of a technological advancement this would be to the world enhancing how everyone could participate in gaming and plain watching. Last, they sought the future where the uncomfortable 3-D glasses are unnecessary due to the ability to create a replacement of more convenience, like adding a piece of glass to a television to make the 3-D affect. They feel that accomplishing this task is not to far out since they already create games and movies with three dimensional looks that are just not pulled off the screen like the way movies due with the glasses. Though seeing technological advancements is great I feel that it is creating more of a problem since we already have addictions to entertainment this will increase that problem and things like exercise will disappear. Clearly, the future is bright for technological advancements to “enhance” the human’s entertainment.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


In the article, “US Coast Guard: oil leaking from sunken rig” by, is about how a oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, 40 miles off the shore of Louisiana, broke and exploded last Tuesday, April 20, 2010, causing major leaking since that well pumped 336,000 gallons of gas a day. The matter just gets worse since the pipe also broke 5,000 feet deep making repairs hard while 11 workers are still missing. This is a huge issue because for one the environment is getting ruined by the oil leak that as of Saturday having a diameter of 20 miles. Also, the loss of that gas will impact the U.S.A because of how much gas the pump produced for the people.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


In the article, “Racism and homophobia in gaming: Hate speech corrodes online video game experiences” by Nicholas K. Geranios, the reality of what takes place during online gaming is revealed leaving many unhappy and surprisingly its no the violence of the games but the language used in chat. First, the article explains how bad the language is by saying, “The comments would shock parents who may not realize their children are constantly exposed to language that might make a sailor blush.” I know exactly what they mean, having personally experience the language used by game players ranging from racism to just plan cursing. Next, they share their concerns as there are some online game players that might just use that language to fit in with the other millions who play leaving them fearful of punishing someone who didn’t use that language until after they had experienced it online. Last, to finish the article the online services were talking about how they could possibly get rid of the language without breaking the 1st amendment, the right to speech; however many of the punishments would definitely work but were outrageous even for someone poising the minds of other. I personally think the best way to fix the problem is to eliminate the chat from those who can’t keep their chats clean instead of eliminating all of their services. Clearly, the way online video games are used needs to be cleaned up to enhance the gaming experience for all.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


In the article “Roethlisberger could face punishment from NFL” by Greg Bluestein, Ray Henry, and Joe Mandak, talks about the “relations” that, Pittsburg Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger supposedly had in Georgia with a college student. Although it seems he has cleared the legal trouble since there was no conclusive evidence, the league is ready to punish the unacceptable behavior. He has been reminded by fans, coaches, teammates, and commissioners that he will have to work hard to regain their respect and trust. I feel that this is a) very irresponsible and b) immature, but on the other hand I think that this is another case where the pedestal that the celebrities are put on cause the downfall of him/ her in the end. The unfortunate thing is that the non-celebrities create that pedestal just to see how fast and hard they crash and burn.


In the article, “'Surprisingly strong' demand delays iPad abroad” by Ben Patterson, explains how Apple has had to delay the international release of their newest device, the iPad, because of the huge demand in the U.S.A. Some have said that the statement the company has made is total crap since there is no way Apple couldn’t predict that the iPad would be such a success and that Apple isn’t actually out of stock. “Conspiracy” or not the rest of the world will have to wait till the end of May to get an iPad. I personally think that it is cool as an American to get the first chance to get the newest devices but on the other hand I think that it is bull that other countries have to wait while America is getting special treatment.

Friday, 9 April 2010


This week I was surfing the web and came along a site,, that has found almost all information you can think of for tons of people across the world. This web site just needs a name and you to choose one of the locations for the different matches it found and then it pulls up all the information it has on that name. But this has two major issues, a) if the site has found things like credit card or social security numbers someone could easily steal many peoples idenities and b) how were the creators able to find out the information in the first place. These are scary thougts that this information is so easily accessed and that someone or a group of people are posting all this information on the web for anyone to see.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


In the article, “The Difference between Lecture and Textbook.” by David Warlick, is about a couple of chemistry teachers in California that decided to post a video lecture so that the class could complete what the homework would have originally been in class and the boring lecture as the homework. This lead David into if they are going to make students watch lecture videos why not just read the text book since there is not much of a difference in the material that is in the lecture versus the textbook. However as a student I disagree with the lecture online as a whole because I am stuck in class anyway so I would rather do the boring lecture during the time I am “Trapped” and the fun parts when I am not stuck in an educational situation. Also, if the online lecture was to take place then there is no possibility to ask questions over the subject. I know that teachers think that they cover everything in their lectures but in reality someone always has a question and an online lecture doesn’t leave that opportunity that they previously had. Then, there are students that don’t do their homework when they are doing the most fun parts for homework so putting the boring parts of the class as homework would make more students not do their homework. Over all, I really don’t think that an online lecture for homework is good idea because in the long run the student’s education will decline.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


In the article “Skiers caught in blizzard spend two days in snow cave near Aspen” by Glenwood Springs Post-Independent staff, explains how a couple got lost skiing near Aspen when the blizzard blew into the Rocky Mountains Friday March 26, 2010. The skiers were lucky and went into instinct mode creating a cave to stay as warm as possible and get out of the snow. Once the skiers were able to send a text message out they did alerting a brother that they were lost and they needed help. On Saturday rescuers tried to find them till visibility was zero; on Sunday the skiers were found and rescued able to meet up with the group they had planned to. Stories like these make the world realize how important it is to know survival techniques, the situations, and what is needed to do.

Monday, 29 March 2010


In the video "MIT'S sixth sense" the device could do almost everything from the tips of the user fingers. The device seemed still very much flawed but has great potential for future technology to help advance the human race into the future. This device is like google goggles that can take basicly nothing and turn it into a full dictionary about the subject at hands. The only difference between the devices is that the google goggles have far less capabilities and the google goggles are not as much components (google goggles- phone pictures/ mit's sixth sense- bulky display, and finger wraps).


In the article, "No charges in gun show shooting" by the Denver Post, a shooting occured at the Tanner Gun Show was an accident and no charges will be filed. The shot injured one man, with a shot to the chest, and is now listed in good condition. The biggest issue is why was the gun loaded on a display table where an accident like this one could occur. It is not good for the Tanner Gun Show becuase there is no reason that this accident should have the ability to occur along with any other show that has guns on display.


In article "Snow hits I-70 hard at Vail Pass" by Kieran Nicholson, talks about how the heavy snowfall by Vail Pass caused several accidents and snow build up closing the pass for four and a half hours. They were able to create detours for traffic to continue to flow through the mountains. Things like this accident should not happen based on technology and capability of the human race. I think that towns in the mountain should be more prepared for the conditions so that big accidents can be prevented as a whole instead of trying to clean up a big mess like the one that was created.

Monday, 15 March 2010

PLN 2-16

In the video "google googles," the googles are presented as miracle workers that can help anything be found from images. First, they showed how pictures can be taken and then used to find out more information of the location like the Eiffel Tower could be identified and be brought up to give all the information. Next, the creators showed how to use the product to take buisness cards and add them to your contact just from the picture. Last, they used a GPS to bring up a resurant and all the information that could be found about the resturant. Clearly, the googles would be an advancment on the way we research information just from the enviormen around us

PLN 2-18

It is nice to have laptops in class because they give a new perspective to learning and allows for students to keep up with technological advancements. I've learned that when we are in class the technology is taught to us through projects and is mostly just incorrporated instead of a class that specificly is made to teach students about the technologies like the phrase, "killing two birds with one stone."
Next year would be tough without laptops in my English class because I have gotten used to being able to express myself through the keyboard and it is much more efficient for me when I use a keyboard.
The class has given me the ability to focus on my writing instead of focusing on gramatical errors. The ability to focus on the writing opens up a doorway for me to explore and make sure that it us quality before worrying spelling and puctuation.

PLN 2-14

In the article "Google Apps for education: Is It the right choice for Our Students" by Karl Fisch, is trying to decide whether google apps are right for students to use for school purposes. First, he is scared that when the students graduate they won't be able to take their work with them. Then, he is worried about the digital footprints being deleted and not being used to help students get a higher education. Last, it would make school more complicated for laptop classes because we need accounts like google reader and you would have to have seperate accounts. Clearly, google apps would be bad for students on campuses because it complicates learning and would make them lose their work.  

Monday, 1 March 2010


In the article "School and Games Overlay" by David Warlick, David thinks that since the world likes games so much, what if education was incorperated into games. First, this would help education because students would be more willing to learn because it is more fun than traditional methods. Then, since students already like to play games it would not add something new to their schedules just inhance their learning. Last, weaving education and games together would set all schools moving forward and change with the technology we now have. Obviously, matching education and games could have a very positive influence on the world.


In the article "Dispute Finder & Claims of Ignoring Lincoln" by David Warlick, introduces a system online that allows the user to be notfied if there is another side to the point that is researched. First, this allows for students to write essays that are two sided easier since each point would be counter acted instantly. Next, this tool is useful whenever there is an argument because of it's ability to find both sides quickly and then can compare them side by side. Last, the dispute finder is good for personal use when you want to find both sides of the story to choose side of something. Clearly, the dispute finder can increase the knowledge of both sides if the arguments.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


In the article "Matrix Codes" by David Warlick, a new technology is presented to the public through a smart phone application. This app allows for a person to scan a two-dimensional code and bring up all related information like a web site for that store or in David's use bring up a brochure. Devices like this can easily increase efficiency of working because instead of having to look something up they just have to scan the code and the information comes up automaticlly. Clearly, devices like the two dimensional code scanners can help decrease the time that people have to spend on working through the Internet to find what they need.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


In the article "Further Reflectons on EduCon 2.2" by David Warlick, a single paragraph stuck out to me since technology helped achieve a goal. This girl wrote a book at the age of seven because she was able to use a word processor. She said, "Imagine if my parents had been afraid of technology" and the unfortunate truth is that most people are afraid of technologies. She claims she would have not been able to complete the book without the help of the technology she had been able to use.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


In the article/ videos, “Students helping student” by Professor Wesch, is about K-State students helping support other students in the community they have created at the University. First, all the students on campus wear shirts that say “K-State Proud” and though it seems like only school spirit comes from the shirts but they actually help students pay for tuition to the school. Next, they are committed to each other and when one of them struggles all of them that notice try to help him or her. Communities like this are what will make the whole world better and more caring. Clearly, others can truly make a difference by doing the little things in life like buying the t-shirts.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


The action I will take on political corruption will be writing to my senator to see if they realize what some people think about what is going on in the government. I feel that if the government doesn’t know what is going through the people’s minds then there is no way that they can work for the people. Since I don’t know if the government knows what some of the people are thinking I feel writing a letter to a senator would help solve the problem of political corruption if they don’t know.

Saturday, 6 February 2010


In the article “Obama wants tip jars for teachers” by Admin, the author explains how bribes actually make the productivity of someone decrease because the workers begin to give up with all the responsibility. First, in the article they use the point of what if they were paid based on the test scores of the students then those who don’t care or try are not only hurting themselves but are also hurting the teachers. Next, they say that most educators don’t become and remain educators because of the pay check but because they care about students. Last, tips would go to the well known schools in the country and the well known schools typically have more money to pay the teachers any way. Clearly, the bribes would not help encourage the teachers to work harder or go to the teachers that need it the most or deserve it.


In the article "We're Not Merely Wasting Talent. We're poisoning It!" by David Warlick, he talks about how students fall flat ruining talents outside of school. First, it's not good that they are "failing" because they can't perform optimal. Next, with the society we live in they are more welcomed into society than those who grabbed their diplomas just because they are the people are making money off talents like sports. Last, society is based on your reputation not who you really are on the inside. Clearly, outside of school activities have always been good to create new friends but on the other side students can't fall flat.

Saturday, 30 January 2010


In the article “On the Ipad, education, & technology” by David Warlick, a new light is shined on how technology has really changed education from a college student in South Carolina. First, he brought the approaches that if something is not broken don’t fix it and in his opinion that is why more schools haven’t adopted the technology available. Last, technology does change us just like everything else we do in a single day from a handshake to something that requires a lot of thinking. Clearly, everyone has their own opinion on different topics.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

PLN 2-5

In the article"Pay Per Services" by David Warlick, brings a single point into the spotlight that has been used in all businesses for a long time to make a little extra money on any product. First, the business will make something free so you get hooked on it and when a fee shows up it doesn’t matter the cost anymore because you are so interested. Next, they will make the product so that they can create devices to make it better or last longer like cases or decals. Last, they will make it where you have to upgrade a subscription to continue to use the product. Clearly, companies have figured out that is they can discovers the peoples desires they can create whatever they want to make that little extra cash.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Dr. Warschauer is researching the use of computers in schools to decide if they are a waste of time and money or are they useful and worth the money and time. I think that they are useful for two reasons, they prepare me for the future with technology and they help me complete papers more efficiently. First, in the future most things are going to be mechanically controlled so if I am always using technology I will be used to it and not have to learn it later. Last, like me many students’ minds work better when typing papers for some reason and though there is no explanation to it I do write better papers when I type them instead of write them. Clearly, the technology in my school is helping me improve my education.


In the article "Snap Judgments: New blood in Super Bowl; dismal year for kickers" by sports illustrated has a single meaning of no matter what your history is it can be changed and turned into something good. First, there is Brett Farve that hasn't been to a Super Bowl in twelve years and a team that hasn't been to the Super Bowl in thirty-three years, yet they are one win away from the big game. Next, the New Orleans Saints have never even been in a Super Bowl before but Drew Brees still moves forwards to hopefully lead his team to a Super Bowl victory. Then, the Colts walked away with a Super Bowl in 2007 but still are hungry for another victory. Last, the Jets havn't been in or won a Super Bowl since 1969 so with the rookie quaterback and nice end of the seasons win streak the Jets hope to pull off a big confrence game win to go to the Super Bowl. Clearly this up coming weekend will have exciting games to find the best two teams to play for all the marbles in the Super Bowl.