Wednesday, 24 February 2010


In the article "Matrix Codes" by David Warlick, a new technology is presented to the public through a smart phone application. This app allows for a person to scan a two-dimensional code and bring up all related information like a web site for that store or in David's use bring up a brochure. Devices like this can easily increase efficiency of working because instead of having to look something up they just have to scan the code and the information comes up automaticlly. Clearly, devices like the two dimensional code scanners can help decrease the time that people have to spend on working through the Internet to find what they need.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


In the article "Further Reflectons on EduCon 2.2" by David Warlick, a single paragraph stuck out to me since technology helped achieve a goal. This girl wrote a book at the age of seven because she was able to use a word processor. She said, "Imagine if my parents had been afraid of technology" and the unfortunate truth is that most people are afraid of technologies. She claims she would have not been able to complete the book without the help of the technology she had been able to use.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


In the article/ videos, “Students helping student” by Professor Wesch, is about K-State students helping support other students in the community they have created at the University. First, all the students on campus wear shirts that say “K-State Proud” and though it seems like only school spirit comes from the shirts but they actually help students pay for tuition to the school. Next, they are committed to each other and when one of them struggles all of them that notice try to help him or her. Communities like this are what will make the whole world better and more caring. Clearly, others can truly make a difference by doing the little things in life like buying the t-shirts.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


The action I will take on political corruption will be writing to my senator to see if they realize what some people think about what is going on in the government. I feel that if the government doesn’t know what is going through the people’s minds then there is no way that they can work for the people. Since I don’t know if the government knows what some of the people are thinking I feel writing a letter to a senator would help solve the problem of political corruption if they don’t know.

Saturday, 6 February 2010


In the article “Obama wants tip jars for teachers” by Admin, the author explains how bribes actually make the productivity of someone decrease because the workers begin to give up with all the responsibility. First, in the article they use the point of what if they were paid based on the test scores of the students then those who don’t care or try are not only hurting themselves but are also hurting the teachers. Next, they say that most educators don’t become and remain educators because of the pay check but because they care about students. Last, tips would go to the well known schools in the country and the well known schools typically have more money to pay the teachers any way. Clearly, the bribes would not help encourage the teachers to work harder or go to the teachers that need it the most or deserve it.


In the article "We're Not Merely Wasting Talent. We're poisoning It!" by David Warlick, he talks about how students fall flat ruining talents outside of school. First, it's not good that they are "failing" because they can't perform optimal. Next, with the society we live in they are more welcomed into society than those who grabbed their diplomas just because they are the people are making money off talents like sports. Last, society is based on your reputation not who you really are on the inside. Clearly, outside of school activities have always been good to create new friends but on the other side students can't fall flat.