Tuesday, 6 April 2010


In the article, “The Difference between Lecture and Textbook.” by David Warlick, is about a couple of chemistry teachers in California that decided to post a video lecture so that the class could complete what the homework would have originally been in class and the boring lecture as the homework. This lead David into if they are going to make students watch lecture videos why not just read the text book since there is not much of a difference in the material that is in the lecture versus the textbook. However as a student I disagree with the lecture online as a whole because I am stuck in class anyway so I would rather do the boring lecture during the time I am “Trapped” and the fun parts when I am not stuck in an educational situation. Also, if the online lecture was to take place then there is no possibility to ask questions over the subject. I know that teachers think that they cover everything in their lectures but in reality someone always has a question and an online lecture doesn’t leave that opportunity that they previously had. Then, there are students that don’t do their homework when they are doing the most fun parts for homework so putting the boring parts of the class as homework would make more students not do their homework. Over all, I really don’t think that an online lecture for homework is good idea because in the long run the student’s education will decline.

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