Thursday, 13 May 2010


In the article, “BP’s first attempt to divert Gulf oil leak fails” by Harry R. Weber, explains how BP’s plan to cover the leaking pipe up and collect the oil that is left in the reservoir failed since the oil has crystallized. Also, in this article the author talks about the range of the leak expanding when piece of oil that looked to be bark turned up on the shore of Dauphin Island a few miles away from the coast of Alabama. This leak has gone from a bad accident to a horrible catastrophe that has taken over the Gulf of Mexico and is heading for the Atlantic ocean, if the oil hits the Atlantic ocean the oil could find a current and travel anywhere in the world. Clearly, the spill in the Gulf of Mexico in a huge problem and I can’t wait for BP to find a solution that works so no more wildlife will be killed.


In the article, “Ash delays and reroutes trans-Atlantic flights” by SLOBODAN LEKIC, talks about the Iceland volcanoes recent activity and how it will affect the trans-Atlantic flights. The volcano continued to distribute more ash into the air Saturday May 8, 2010 causing a 120 mile long cloud of ash once again delaying or extending the flights to and from Europe, the airplane companies either decided to cancel flights or fly around the cloud to the south or north. Just as the first time the volcano erupted in April the ash is heading east to cover Europe in more ash causing some airports to be warranted closed. The civil aviation in Europe has decided to make flight into the ash to get as much information possible increasing what we do in response. Clearly, this one volcano in Iceland is causing a lot of problems in the Atlantic for many people.


In the article, “2txt? Or Nt2txt” by Garrison Keillor, is about how guys are more shut down like that creepy security guard that talks to no one unlike girls who are open to dialogue. First, he simply explains how bad the shut down is in the eyes of many. Next, he puts all of the blame on technologies like cell phones and email because a person can hide behind those forms of communication like the example he used of a guys breaking up with his girlfriend. Also, he said that using these forms is simply breaking down the English language and causing us to be lazy and text instead of walking across the library for a face to face discussion. However, I think guys can be shut down to but it isn’t because of the available technologies it is because of the fact that most guys struggle to start conversations or find common interests to talk about. The thought for me is anymore when ever someone finds something wrong like the males ability to have face to face conversations the automatic reaction is which piece of technology is to blame for this “problem” instead of how can it be fixed. Clearly, males do have a little trouble with face to face conversation but is it really because of technology of is it because of little things like how males are taught to grow up or how comfortable the situation is for them.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


In the article, “Our boys are falling behind in education” by Dottie Lamm, states that boys are falling behind girls academically because of a verbal differences. First, they explained how the girl’s brain is able to become verbally faster by 1½ years as the average boys take 5 years and the average girls take 3½. Though these are the average years, a school in Aurora separated kindergarteners into gender classes and the boys were just as successful as the girls, my feeling is that the verbal difference is not the problem but instead things like the level of care. It seems, also being in a gender class myself, that ever since being separated from girls during English has boosted my care and changed what my attention is on, like school. Then, they say that the world will have a role switch and the women will be in charge based on what is happening in education; however I don’t feel this is true since guys struggle in school because we can’t focus on things we can relate to and once out of education guys can find a career that suits their cares. Obviously, the struggle that guys are said to have can be fixed and just because guys may struggle in school that doesn’t mean that they will fail in life outside of school too.

Monday, 26 April 2010


In the article, “3-D video gaming aspires to become spectacle” by DERRIK J. LANG, the author talks about 3-D graphics being integrated into everything electronic form just watching television or playing video games. First, video gaming in 3-D talking mainly about the costs involved in video games because of the software and technology required. Next, they talked about how much of a technological advancement this would be to the world enhancing how everyone could participate in gaming and plain watching. Last, they sought the future where the uncomfortable 3-D glasses are unnecessary due to the ability to create a replacement of more convenience, like adding a piece of glass to a television to make the 3-D affect. They feel that accomplishing this task is not to far out since they already create games and movies with three dimensional looks that are just not pulled off the screen like the way movies due with the glasses. Though seeing technological advancements is great I feel that it is creating more of a problem since we already have addictions to entertainment this will increase that problem and things like exercise will disappear. Clearly, the future is bright for technological advancements to “enhance” the human’s entertainment.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


In the article, “US Coast Guard: oil leaking from sunken rig” by, is about how a oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, 40 miles off the shore of Louisiana, broke and exploded last Tuesday, April 20, 2010, causing major leaking since that well pumped 336,000 gallons of gas a day. The matter just gets worse since the pipe also broke 5,000 feet deep making repairs hard while 11 workers are still missing. This is a huge issue because for one the environment is getting ruined by the oil leak that as of Saturday having a diameter of 20 miles. Also, the loss of that gas will impact the U.S.A because of how much gas the pump produced for the people.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


In the article, “Racism and homophobia in gaming: Hate speech corrodes online video game experiences” by Nicholas K. Geranios, the reality of what takes place during online gaming is revealed leaving many unhappy and surprisingly its no the violence of the games but the language used in chat. First, the article explains how bad the language is by saying, “The comments would shock parents who may not realize their children are constantly exposed to language that might make a sailor blush.” I know exactly what they mean, having personally experience the language used by game players ranging from racism to just plan cursing. Next, they share their concerns as there are some online game players that might just use that language to fit in with the other millions who play leaving them fearful of punishing someone who didn’t use that language until after they had experienced it online. Last, to finish the article the online services were talking about how they could possibly get rid of the language without breaking the 1st amendment, the right to speech; however many of the punishments would definitely work but were outrageous even for someone poising the minds of other. I personally think the best way to fix the problem is to eliminate the chat from those who can’t keep their chats clean instead of eliminating all of their services. Clearly, the way online video games are used needs to be cleaned up to enhance the gaming experience for all.