Saturday, 30 January 2010


In the article “On the Ipad, education, & technology” by David Warlick, a new light is shined on how technology has really changed education from a college student in South Carolina. First, he brought the approaches that if something is not broken don’t fix it and in his opinion that is why more schools haven’t adopted the technology available. Last, technology does change us just like everything else we do in a single day from a handshake to something that requires a lot of thinking. Clearly, everyone has their own opinion on different topics.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

PLN 2-5

In the article"Pay Per Services" by David Warlick, brings a single point into the spotlight that has been used in all businesses for a long time to make a little extra money on any product. First, the business will make something free so you get hooked on it and when a fee shows up it doesn’t matter the cost anymore because you are so interested. Next, they will make the product so that they can create devices to make it better or last longer like cases or decals. Last, they will make it where you have to upgrade a subscription to continue to use the product. Clearly, companies have figured out that is they can discovers the peoples desires they can create whatever they want to make that little extra cash.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Dr. Warschauer is researching the use of computers in schools to decide if they are a waste of time and money or are they useful and worth the money and time. I think that they are useful for two reasons, they prepare me for the future with technology and they help me complete papers more efficiently. First, in the future most things are going to be mechanically controlled so if I am always using technology I will be used to it and not have to learn it later. Last, like me many students’ minds work better when typing papers for some reason and though there is no explanation to it I do write better papers when I type them instead of write them. Clearly, the technology in my school is helping me improve my education.


In the article "Snap Judgments: New blood in Super Bowl; dismal year for kickers" by sports illustrated has a single meaning of no matter what your history is it can be changed and turned into something good. First, there is Brett Farve that hasn't been to a Super Bowl in twelve years and a team that hasn't been to the Super Bowl in thirty-three years, yet they are one win away from the big game. Next, the New Orleans Saints have never even been in a Super Bowl before but Drew Brees still moves forwards to hopefully lead his team to a Super Bowl victory. Then, the Colts walked away with a Super Bowl in 2007 but still are hungry for another victory. Last, the Jets havn't been in or won a Super Bowl since 1969 so with the rookie quaterback and nice end of the seasons win streak the Jets hope to pull off a big confrence game win to go to the Super Bowl. Clearly this up coming weekend will have exciting games to find the best two teams to play for all the marbles in the Super Bowl.