Sunday, 24 January 2010


In the article "Snap Judgments: New blood in Super Bowl; dismal year for kickers" by sports illustrated has a single meaning of no matter what your history is it can be changed and turned into something good. First, there is Brett Farve that hasn't been to a Super Bowl in twelve years and a team that hasn't been to the Super Bowl in thirty-three years, yet they are one win away from the big game. Next, the New Orleans Saints have never even been in a Super Bowl before but Drew Brees still moves forwards to hopefully lead his team to a Super Bowl victory. Then, the Colts walked away with a Super Bowl in 2007 but still are hungry for another victory. Last, the Jets havn't been in or won a Super Bowl since 1969 so with the rookie quaterback and nice end of the seasons win streak the Jets hope to pull off a big confrence game win to go to the Super Bowl. Clearly this up coming weekend will have exciting games to find the best two teams to play for all the marbles in the Super Bowl.         

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