Tuesday, 30 March 2010


In the article “Skiers caught in blizzard spend two days in snow cave near Aspen” by Glenwood Springs Post-Independent staff, explains how a couple got lost skiing near Aspen when the blizzard blew into the Rocky Mountains Friday March 26, 2010. The skiers were lucky and went into instinct mode creating a cave to stay as warm as possible and get out of the snow. Once the skiers were able to send a text message out they did alerting a brother that they were lost and they needed help. On Saturday rescuers tried to find them till visibility was zero; on Sunday the skiers were found and rescued able to meet up with the group they had planned to. Stories like these make the world realize how important it is to know survival techniques, the situations, and what is needed to do.

Monday, 29 March 2010


In the video "MIT'S sixth sense" the device could do almost everything from the tips of the user fingers. The device seemed still very much flawed but has great potential for future technology to help advance the human race into the future. This device is like google goggles that can take basicly nothing and turn it into a full dictionary about the subject at hands. The only difference between the devices is that the google goggles have far less capabilities and the google goggles are not as much components (google goggles- phone pictures/ mit's sixth sense- bulky display, and finger wraps).


In the article, "No charges in gun show shooting" by the Denver Post, a shooting occured at the Tanner Gun Show was an accident and no charges will be filed. The shot injured one man, with a shot to the chest, and is now listed in good condition. The biggest issue is why was the gun loaded on a display table where an accident like this one could occur. It is not good for the Tanner Gun Show becuase there is no reason that this accident should have the ability to occur along with any other show that has guns on display.


In article "Snow hits I-70 hard at Vail Pass" by Kieran Nicholson, talks about how the heavy snowfall by Vail Pass caused several accidents and snow build up closing the pass for four and a half hours. They were able to create detours for traffic to continue to flow through the mountains. Things like this accident should not happen based on technology and capability of the human race. I think that towns in the mountain should be more prepared for the conditions so that big accidents can be prevented as a whole instead of trying to clean up a big mess like the one that was created.

Monday, 15 March 2010

PLN 2-16

In the video "google googles," the googles are presented as miracle workers that can help anything be found from images. First, they showed how pictures can be taken and then used to find out more information of the location like the Eiffel Tower could be identified and be brought up to give all the information. Next, the creators showed how to use the product to take buisness cards and add them to your contact just from the picture. Last, they used a GPS to bring up a resurant and all the information that could be found about the resturant. Clearly, the googles would be an advancment on the way we research information just from the enviormen around us

PLN 2-18

It is nice to have laptops in class because they give a new perspective to learning and allows for students to keep up with technological advancements. I've learned that when we are in class the technology is taught to us through projects and is mostly just incorrporated instead of a class that specificly is made to teach students about the technologies like the phrase, "killing two birds with one stone."
Next year would be tough without laptops in my English class because I have gotten used to being able to express myself through the keyboard and it is much more efficient for me when I use a keyboard.
The class has given me the ability to focus on my writing instead of focusing on gramatical errors. The ability to focus on the writing opens up a doorway for me to explore and make sure that it us quality before worrying spelling and puctuation.

PLN 2-14

In the article "Google Apps for education: Is It the right choice for Our Students" by Karl Fisch, is trying to decide whether google apps are right for students to use for school purposes. First, he is scared that when the students graduate they won't be able to take their work with them. Then, he is worried about the digital footprints being deleted and not being used to help students get a higher education. Last, it would make school more complicated for laptop classes because we need accounts like google reader and you would have to have seperate accounts. Clearly, google apps would be bad for students on campuses because it complicates learning and would make them lose their work.  

Monday, 1 March 2010


In the article "School and Games Overlay" by David Warlick, David thinks that since the world likes games so much, what if education was incorperated into games. First, this would help education because students would be more willing to learn because it is more fun than traditional methods. Then, since students already like to play games it would not add something new to their schedules just inhance their learning. Last, weaving education and games together would set all schools moving forward and change with the technology we now have. Obviously, matching education and games could have a very positive influence on the world.


In the article "Dispute Finder & Claims of Ignoring Lincoln" by David Warlick, introduces a system online that allows the user to be notfied if there is another side to the point that is researched. First, this allows for students to write essays that are two sided easier since each point would be counter acted instantly. Next, this tool is useful whenever there is an argument because of it's ability to find both sides quickly and then can compare them side by side. Last, the dispute finder is good for personal use when you want to find both sides of the story to choose side of something. Clearly, the dispute finder can increase the knowledge of both sides if the arguments.