Monday, 26 April 2010


In the article, “3-D video gaming aspires to become spectacle” by DERRIK J. LANG, the author talks about 3-D graphics being integrated into everything electronic form just watching television or playing video games. First, video gaming in 3-D talking mainly about the costs involved in video games because of the software and technology required. Next, they talked about how much of a technological advancement this would be to the world enhancing how everyone could participate in gaming and plain watching. Last, they sought the future where the uncomfortable 3-D glasses are unnecessary due to the ability to create a replacement of more convenience, like adding a piece of glass to a television to make the 3-D affect. They feel that accomplishing this task is not to far out since they already create games and movies with three dimensional looks that are just not pulled off the screen like the way movies due with the glasses. Though seeing technological advancements is great I feel that it is creating more of a problem since we already have addictions to entertainment this will increase that problem and things like exercise will disappear. Clearly, the future is bright for technological advancements to “enhance” the human’s entertainment.

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