Thursday, 13 May 2010


In the article, “2txt? Or Nt2txt” by Garrison Keillor, is about how guys are more shut down like that creepy security guard that talks to no one unlike girls who are open to dialogue. First, he simply explains how bad the shut down is in the eyes of many. Next, he puts all of the blame on technologies like cell phones and email because a person can hide behind those forms of communication like the example he used of a guys breaking up with his girlfriend. Also, he said that using these forms is simply breaking down the English language and causing us to be lazy and text instead of walking across the library for a face to face discussion. However, I think guys can be shut down to but it isn’t because of the available technologies it is because of the fact that most guys struggle to start conversations or find common interests to talk about. The thought for me is anymore when ever someone finds something wrong like the males ability to have face to face conversations the automatic reaction is which piece of technology is to blame for this “problem” instead of how can it be fixed. Clearly, males do have a little trouble with face to face conversation but is it really because of technology of is it because of little things like how males are taught to grow up or how comfortable the situation is for them.

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