Monday, 21 September 2009


The article “A vision of students today,” By Dr. Wesch is the same concept or message as “The machines are using us,” by Dr. Wesch and “Did you know” by Mr. Fisch because they all send a message about how important technology has become to the human race. First, in “A Vision...” most of the students in the video commented on doing more reading on facebook then in actual books or more pages of emails sent then pages of assignments. Like in Wesch’s other video “The machines …” Google has 47 billion searches a month and but what are the people searching for something they are interested in or something that they need to know for their job, or education. Or as Mr. Fisch’s “Did you Know” says through the presentation are minds have got to be able to relate it to something else that we liked. Next, technology is just a luxury that we have come to love but in Wesch’s class the students were saying that they were using the computers for entertainment not for the class they were taking. In “Did you know” the opposite was expressed saying that technology would change the jobs that were available for the near future and is important. In those articles the points that were presented either clashed or agreed with each other.

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