Tuesday, 8 September 2009


In the article, “The New Literacy” by Clive Thompson repeats what Mr. Fisch’s “What Matters” power point about how technology has become such a big part of society. First, a professor John Sutherland says that the kids these days can’t write because of the technology they are surrounded with. Others say that it is improving the students writing because it is written to a bigger audience. Next, there is that the students feel it has more meaning than just another assignment it was reaching the world when they text, facebook, blog, and email like it has more meaning in Mr. Fisch’s when it relates to the general audience. Last, it seems everything that 13-25 year olds do is wrong if it doesn’t involve education in the article but with Mr. Fisch’s power point it was a good thing we are learning all the new technology to keep up to date. Clearly some ideas from the two different sources clash but for the most part both the articles are true or stereotype a group of people.

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