Thursday, 3 September 2009


In the article “Mercury spilled in Denver’s Lincoln High School” by Kieran Nicholson a student brought a vial of mercury (mercury is a toxic meal [little exposure can cause tremors and impaired cognitive skills]) to school September 2, 2009. When it broke in a class it contaminated him and had the fire departments hazardous-materials unit on the way for clean up. The school didn’t announce whether the student is facing a discipline due to the accident. No matter what the school feels I personally think that the student should face some sort of punishment just because of the whole situation. First, he put himself in danger by carrying the vial no matter where he went it needed to stay at home or even given it to a hazardous waste department to be disposed of. Next, the student put all the staff and students in the building at danger by bringing it to school when there is absolutely no reason to ever bring a dangerous substance to school. Last, it isn’t even legal if the student had more than 17 kilograms in that vial. Clearly, either the states need to enforce the policies better for stuff like mercury or just totally out law them unless it is just part of something like paint, batteries, and other house hold items.

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