Wednesday, 2 September 2009


In the gender Articles “Quiet gender gap hits collegiate balance” and “Women raise bar at college” by Tamar Lewin, I found that they have the same meanings of that the girls succeed and the boys slack and don’t succeed. First, they say that the colleges are mostly made up of girls like 60% girls while boys only take up 40% on most campuses. Next, they say that on any campus the majority of graduates are girls. That may be true but for some of the guys they just get picked out of college to go straight into a professional sport, like Paul Stasny who was in the middle of his junior year when the NHL picked him out for the Colorado Avalanche, before they can finish college. Last, they say that girls are graduating more because the guys party more while the girls stay home and study. Although in the end when you ask girls that are in college they party just as much as the guys for the most part the only difference is that the girls absorb the information better in class and don’t need to study as much. Yes the guys do need to do a little better but these articles left out important information to be stereotyping most guys as failures in college.

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