Tuesday, 15 September 2009


In the article “King Soopers with employees expires” by Tom McGhee explains how workers at grocery stores like King Soopers and Safeway were negotiating contracts until midnight September 13, 2009 when their employment contracts expired. Now they join Albertson workers who have been on the job with no contracts since May. However, King Soopers is trying to get new agreements that would include raises for employees that have been on the job longer (65% or 9,900 Colorado employees would get raises), employees can’t collect their pension until they are 55 instead of 50. I think that the workers are at this point hoping that they get good benefits and pay check since King Soopers hold all the cards in their hands. Then, the contracts were the only thing that was allowing them to fight King Soopers since they had to be paid no matter what and now without the contracts they can be fired without pay.

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