Tuesday, 8 September 2009


After viewing “The Machine is Us/ing Us” by Michael Wecsh the feeling is wow the Sci-Fi movies of computer take over could happen at the rate we are teaching the machines. First, the computer is learning are mistakes and fixing them like when we are in word and we type hos instead of his it automatically is fixed for the user. Next, the computer is replacing memory like to find a website the address is placed in the address bar and stays there until it is completely deleted from the hard drive of the computer. Then, it is used to link the world but it isn’t user friendly like word and fixes your errors it just places them on the web to permanent like concrete and that could real hurt someone in the long run. Last, we are the machines because without us they wouldn’t be able to learn, help us, and mostly without us the machines wouldn’t exist. In the end the humans have created the systems of learning to make it easier for them to create, recreate, and uncreated.

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