Sunday, 6 December 2009


In the article “What Frontier” by David Warlick, he communicates how important competition and challenges have become for the world in almost everything we do. First, David Warlick says, “My teachers were challenged to educate a generation who would send people to the moon and beyond, to explore the frontiers of space,” because the president (JFK) wanted to be on the moon first. JFK even said “We choose to go to the moon, we choose to go to the moon, in this decade and do the other things, (not because they are easy, But because they are hard,.)” because it was a challenge to be able to complete. Next, in the educational system every country is racing to make sure that there students are the best equipped to succeed in life, or in just America making sure all have the same curriculum so all Americans have an equal chance at a certain job based on their degrees. Last, challenges and competitions are improving life styles with new technology and new discoveries for everyone in the world. Clearly, David Warlick has a clear understanding of what is and has been happening in the world.

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