Sunday, 8 November 2009


In the article “Reasoning our way in…” by David Warlick, he thinks about the future based on the technology the students today have grown up around. First, the technology of every day use is different like a digital watch has more functions than are needed for what the watch is designed for; the old watch had one knob to change the time and nothing more to it. Next, the new technologies that have made life easier like the internet, the only problem is that some processes are too complicated to remember exactly how to do it. Last, how most products like video games are built around getting people to have to problem solve like in video games they don’t always come with instructions for the controls or objectives. It is easy to see that the future will be built around better, new technologies for everyone to use.

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  1. The future based around technology kind of makes me nervous. How fast can this technology advance? Is it possible for it to advance too fast? Earlier this semester, one of my peers mentioned that it's too hard to keep up with technology already. As soon as you buy one iPod, there's already a brand new one that you want even more! How is this technology craze affecting society?