Thursday, 5 November 2009


In the article “A Gardeners Approach to Learning” by David Warlick, he talks about his change of heart/ viewpoints after realizing “fast food learning” is basically cheating and is only good to use every once in a while just like in life but the idea of learning should be to take all the knowledge in slow. He has written about the need for new technology for educational tools like text books so they can be digital, interactive, social, and a creation that produces good outcomes. The change in heart/ beliefs comes from remembering in his childhood when he was convinced to put a garden in his yard for food. He then learned to wait for the food to grow instead of rushing to the supermarket and just buying what he had needed. The other thing he realized was that the garden cut down on how much grass he had to mow so he got a two for one deal since he got great food he had to mow less just for a little bit of patience. Surely he probably thinks there are thing that can be done to improve education just none that cut corners to finish faster depriving the students of extra knowledge.

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