Thursday, 5 November 2009


In the article “This would be really weird” by David Warlick, its goes into the recession and how women are being laid off less than men however based on the points David makes in the article it makes sense why the men are being laid off more. First, women mostly have jobs like political or healthcare type positions and those positions are needed more than the men’s main positions in construction and manufacturing. The main reason the women’s jobs will last longer is because there are already building and there are a lot of manufactured goods that no one is buying will last till they are bought. Next, the men tend to slack a little more than women do in anything that is a task they have to complete in an open ended time period or no deadline. Last, the men have dominated the work area for so long there is supposed to be a historical reversal and apparently it is true. Clearly, the women of the country are in good positions to dominate the work area based on the statistics and on what they do.

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  1. Well Jeremy if you're to make a claim such as "men tend to slack a little more than women do in anything that is a task..." you need to provide some data. I agree on your first point about the reason that men are being laid off more. But yes I'd be very interested to see some statistics on the above question.