Tuesday, 27 October 2009


In “Check the Wind First” David Warlick tries to get a message to the readers about opinions that most people don’t take into consideration. First, all the knowledge has to be known to take a side in a scenario otherwise people may believe a lie and cause something bad to happen. Next, the side someone takes has to be the side they want to take not the side that everyone else is on or the side they are pressured into, the side that they believe in. Last, an opinion should come from the people that are evolved not from an outside force like in sports everyone wants to be a fan of the winning team not the team they actually like. Obviously David has good points and sights into opinions because opinions don’t seem to be a personal idea but an idea based off society.

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  1. Hey Jeremy. Well what do you think are some things that stunt learning after reading that article? Do you think that technology can be effective in the classroom?