Friday, 9 October 2009

PLN 13

I think that the board of education is completely wrong in the article “Keyboard vs. Pen” because I write longer papers when on a computer because it is easier to mess with. First, students don’t like to write really long papers by hand because then they have to go through and edit to re-write the paper where as on the computer they can just edit the paper and have changed the paper without all of the re-writing. Next, I know that when I am on the keyboard I type just as fast as I can write a paper but the difference is that on the computer it is fast but very legible and I don’t have to worry about spelling or sentence structure until after I type the paper and on paper I sit and try to perfect it the first time so I don’t have to keep going back so it takes me longer. Last, with the environment being destroyed at such a fast pace with typing we can send the assignment to our teacher or blog the assignment and help save the environment. Clearly I have a strong stand point that typing is better and easier than writing.

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