Tuesday, 13 October 2009


In the article “Our googley advice to students: Major learning” by Peter Drunker, communicates what students need to be prepared for to succeed in any business just like “Rigor redefined”. First, people have to be able to work with others because there will always be someone that they need to work with. Next, a strong work ethic is a component that will help anyone succeed because that is what a company will be looking for in their employees. Also, a passion makes everything better because then there is a chance to enjoy the job and that in itself make the whole operation run smoothly. Last, a willingness to try something new even if it might fail because that is how new ideas are formed is when people try to change something even if they know it can’t work. The article is clearly focused on giving students the information they need to realize what the y need to accomplish their full potential.


  1. Hey Jeremy. I agree with all that you have said, but I'd also like to add the point of creativity. It is becoming crucial in many businesses. Why do you think this is? Any ideas?

  2. I enjoyed how you mentioned passion and fervor. Passion is so very important in anything that you do. As Danielle said above, creativity is essential. What is that?